About Unisba

Universitas Islam Bandung ( Bandung Islamic university – Unisba) is one of the leading private university in Indonesia, established in 1958, based on Islam. Unisba obtains A accreditation from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia. Currently, Unisba was ranked 65 out of 3244 universities throughout Indonesia (Pemeringkatan Ristekdikti, 2017) and is at 73rd rank for uniRank (Indonesian University Ranking, 2018).
Unisba, with 12.000 students, is located at the centre of Bandung, West Java, the city with 3 million inhabitants. Bandung is the third largest city in Indonesia, located at the altitude of 768 meters above the sea level with tropical climate, that surrounded by the lush and beautiful Parahyangan Mountains that makes the climate mild and pleasant along the year. the city has been well known for its universities, clothing and a great place for gastronomic adventure.
There are three faculties of Islamic religion, consist of Faculty of Syari’ah, Faculty of Da’wah and Faculty of Tarbiyah and Education. The other faculties are Faculty of Law, Faculty of Sience (Study Program: Mathematics, Statistics, and Pharmacy), Faculty Psychology, Faculty of Engineering (Study Program: Industry, Minning, and Plannology), Faculty of Economics and Business (Study Program: Economics, Accounting, and Management) and Faculty of Communication Studies. In 2004, UNISBA was officially established the youngest faculty in UNISBA, the Faculty of Medicine. Those faculties provide bachelor study program and some faculties has postgraduate programs such as Master Program of Islamic Law and Criminal Law, Master Program of Islamic Education, Master Program of Management, Master Program of Communication Studies, Master Program of Plannology, Profession Program of Psychology, Profession Program of Doctor, Profession Program of Accountant, and Doctoral Program of Law.
Because of the Islamic values have been inserted into all of the programmes for the students, the value that Islam is a mercy religion for all mandkind, the graduation from UNISBA will have comprehensive and integrative knowledge and Islamic outlook in order to create some innovative thoughts and take some useful actions for themselves, society, environment and nation.
The faculty of communication studies has an achievement as The Indonesian Best School of Communication in 2011 – 2014 by Mix Magazine and favorite faculty in Indonesia along with Psychology, Law, medicine based on the survey of Tempo Magazine (Indonesian foremost magazine) to prospective students in 2014. The all three faculties of Islamic Religion in UNISBA received the appreciation as the first rank of religion faculty in West Java Province according to the Private Islamic Higher Education Coordinating. Faculty of Medicine has the ninth rank of seventy three Faculty of Medicine in Indonesia based on the graduation of Indonesia Quality Award in 2015 for excellence performance assessment.